Hello there, friend! Thank you for your amazing support during my Plastic Love era! I was pleasantly surprised at the downloads and hits it has gotten. In fact, we’ve just surpassed 100,000 plays on the Free Music Archive! And thanks to that lovely resource, I’ve found my music all over the place: in the background of vlogs, beauty videos, music videos, and even a few short films I’ll be able to share with you soon.


Anyway, on to the news. One key milestone in a musician’s career is in having an official live performance. And that day is soon coming!


Announcing YOUNG*PLASTIC*REBELS. I’m considering it like a tour, but so far there’s only one (special) date. It’s my first live set and it will be held during the Sounds of the City night at the May Bar in the midst of downtown Toronto on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. I’ll be sharing the stage with 3-4 other lovely performers, so it will be a night of music and culture! It’s an explicit, 19+ performance by the way, so bring your mom.


Tickets are [available here] and if you’re one of the first 25 ticket buyers, you will receive a free, signed tour CD, of which only 50 will be made. Merchandise will be sold at the venue, include the tour CD and a poster of the cover art of my Fall 2017 EP, entitled Rebel, both of which will be around $5 (you can save $3 on the poster if you get the ticket bundle!). I’m currently designing the cover art on my Instagram, and you’ll be able to see progress on that all summer long. It’s gonna look sick in 11x17.

I’ve got just a few more surprises coming for Summer 2017… maybe an EP *hint hint*. I’ll also be holding a contest at the show, so if you can’t snatch up a bundle or buy my merchandise at the show, you may just win some. Bring your phone! I’ll be posting some more reminders about the show closer to September, so keep your eyes peeled.


Ok bye, love u.

Renders of the merchandise available at the show, seen above.

Top: 11”x17” poster (available in bundle) - save $3 with bundle.

Bottom: YOUNG*PLASTIC*REBELS setlist CD - FREE for first 25 tickets.

*all designs are not official and will change - poster and CD cover art is being created on my Instagram @kevinmise and will be finalized in August 2017 before the show.

Plastic Love

December 14, 2016 


 1  A Little Sin (0:58)

 2  The Build Up (0:46)

 3  Astral Sky (3:18)

 4  It’s Not Me! (3:28) E

 5  What Do U Know (0:32)

 6  It’s Crazy! (3:42)

 7  Static (2:11)

 8  Fear (Interlude) (0:44)

 9  Fear (4:15)

10 Selfish (4:10) E

11 On My Way! Home (1:12)

12 Be So Good (2:44)

13 Hookup Vulture (2:57)

14 Hookup (Outro) (1:38)

15 Peel Off (3:09) E

16 Cut Me Open (2:30)

17 Dying Light (Demo) (1:31)

18 Can’t Shake You (2:24)

19 Life Is a Game (3:44)

20 The Struggle (3:10)

21 Hurting the Boy (feat. Troy Sarj) (2:36)

22 Trouble in Hollywood! (feat. CupcakKe) (3:14) E

23 Watch and Learn (3:02)

24 Heaven of Heathens (3:55)

25 City of Dreams (3:40)


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